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Equipment for datacom networks

Telenco UK brings essential and highly performant equipment for the deployment of reliable datacom networks. In this part of our catalogue you will find optical links for patching and cross-connect applications, as well as a large range of essential accessories including attenuators, adaptors or highly reliable equipment for FO decontamination. Read more…

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Essential equipment and connectivity solutions for datacom networks

Our optical jumpers are built with premium fibre optics and are factory pre-terminated with various type of connectors in order to meet all network configurations’ needs. Whether equipped with SC/PC, LC/PC, ST/PC or FC/UPC, our high-end patchcords come in different lengths for indoor network connections on short distances, up to 10m. Available in Simplex and Duplex versions, optical jumpers from our datacom catalogue are used for enabling easy and quick connections between patch panels, indoor cabinets or any other equipment usually installed in computer centers or data centers. Each one of these optical solutions marketed by Telenco UK is rigorously tested and guaranteed as compliant with international standards.

Our datacom offer is completed by a large range of essential passive components such as optical adaptors and attenuators. These small parts play an important role in the set up of datacom networks meeting the exact requirements of your customers. Our attenuators are available in fixed or variable versions for network testing applications or permanent dimming of the light power in order to avoid all damage of measurement devices or active equipment. This offer also includes Simplex or Duplex adaptors, enabling field technicians to build a tailor-made datacom network.

To guarantee fully functional and efficient networks, Teleco UK also provides highly reliable products and equipment for the fibre optic cleaning. From wet or dry wipes to cleaning swabs, FO cleaning pens or full fibre optic decontamination kits, we have it all. Discover our entire datacom offer