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Equipment for outside plant cable installation and protection

To ensure a reliable cable installation in overhead layouts or on facades, numerous essential accessories are required. Telenco UK provides it all: from protective covers, used for preserving cables from trimming or any other accidental risks present at the foot of facades or poles, to split corrugated tubing, wall plugs or cable ties, telecom installers will find alternative equipment solutions to carry out their full fibre optic rollouts.  Read more…

/ Cable fixing & protection

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Solutions for aerial and facade cable fixing & outdoor cable protection

Telenco UK provides a wide range of solutions for cable fixing on facades or poles and cable protection.

In this part of our catalogue, we offer innovative products such as plastic clip wall plugs developed under the TED Equipement® brand for the reliable and aesthetic installation of flat, round or figure-8 telecom copper or optical cables on facades. These cable fixing solutions are available in different colours, shapes and diameters so to meet all the installation needs.

For the aerial-underground cable transition or to protect cables at their input/output from a splice protecting closure mounted on a pole, we also provide BIC cable down-lead pole mounts with or without tie. To cover the various possible cable installation situations, our catalogue also includes other essential accessories such as releasable cable ties with different dimensions, saddle tie mounts to screw, expansion anchor bolts, round cable clips, wall plugs or slate nails.

To ensure reliable and future-proof telecom infrastructures, Telenco UK provides a wide range of cable capping solutions, available in various materials ( PVC, aluminum, steel…), lengths and colours so to meet the various possible FTTP/ FTTH deployment needs. The company also offers PIA approved cable abrasion protectors used to preserve cables from premature wear due to their coming into contact with tree branches, cable clamp bails, pole brackets and fittings or any other surfaces that may cause friction.

Telenco UK also brings a wide range of split corrugated tubing for the proper protection and identification through colour code of telecom infrastructures in manholes. Our flexible split corrugated tubing allows significant time saving during the cable installation phase and ensures the optimal resistance of infrastructures to crush or abrasion. Discover our entire selection of product solutions for cable fixing and protection.