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Equipment for outside plant call-outs

To carry out the various different outside plant interventions, telecom technicians need to have different jobsite equipment at their disposal. Whether they work at the ground level or at height, at a pole top or on a facade, Telenco UK provides installers and telecom network maintenance technicians with a selection of dependable equipment. Read more…

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Our complete offer of jobsite equipment

To support telecom field technicians and installers in all their outside plant interventions, whether they perform at height, at the ground level or in manholes, Telenco UK has created a selection of essential products for the smooth running of their day-to-day jobs.

For professionals performing at height, we provide a wide range of  extension, telescopic and height adjustable stable and lightweight ladders, as well as mobile platforms for an increased stability during interventions.

To simplify splicing or other handling jobs for telecom professionals intervening in manholes or in street cabinets, we also provide foldable work tables enabling for meticulous handling jobs on a stable surface while also maintaining a comfortable position.

In this part of our catalogue you will also find essential miscellaneous items such as steel measuring tapes or foldable topometers, sealants and adhesives, stabilizer bars or digital calipers and many other.