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Cable clamps for overhead telecom lines

Network equipment for overhead telecom lines is the first area of expertise of Telenco. The following product selection encompasses PIA approved solutions for the simple or double anchoring, termination or suspension applications using aerial drop and distribution cables. All the offered cable clamps and grips have been developed and tested to withstand the environmental and climatic conditions specific to the UK territory. Read more…

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Aerial cable clamps and grips for full-fibre deployments

Telenco UK provides cable clamps for flat, round or figure-8 aerial cables. Our solutions are developed according to strict criteria defined by major telecom operators and international standards in force. To meet the different challenges of FTTH/ FTTP deployments, we offer termination clamps developed with the use of different technologies: conical clamping, mandrel design, wedge clamps, as well as  spirall grips. Some of our cable clamps have been specifically developed for the needs of full-fibre deployment across the UK’s territory such as the Hypocut® drop clamp. This terminating solution is an improved version of the Hypoclamp range, as it implies the assembly of only 2 pieces against 3 pieces previously. It provides an effective gripping on most of FO flat cables and does not exert any bending constraint on the cable. The Hypocut® drop clamp is a solution for securing fibre optic networks. Above a certain stress applied to the cable, this clamp will automatically secure the network by activating a blade integrated into its body and cutting the installed cable. Below the defined level of stress, the integrated blade will remain at its original place inside the body and allow the network to function properly.

In this part of our catalogue you will also find anchoring clamps for ADSS aerial cables with diameters from 6 to 19mm. You can choose the right model for your full-fibre roll-out by selecting the version compatible with the diameter of the cable that it will be installed.

For installations in coastal areas with strong winds we recommend the use of spiral grips as they offer a wider contact surface with the cable and thus, a better grip in these situations.

For cable relief applications on intermediary poles, you can use mobile suspension clamps from the DS range. These cable relief devices can also be used for the aerial cable installation, by removing the neoprene sleeve, instead of using pulleys. Discover our entire cable clamp offer or contact us for more solutions for aerial deployment.