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Telenco UK is a dynamic company with a state-of-the-art knowledge in the telecommunications industry. As part of a global leading Group known under the same name - renowned for its innovative FTTH / FTTP, FTTA and datacom solutions-, Telenco UK benefits from an extended expertise in designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality equipment for the roll-out of next generation fibre optic infrastructures.

Telenco has been providing telcos and their subcontractors with rugged and reliable network equipment for over two decades. Pole line hardware, cable clamps and global connectivity solutions developed by Telenco’s experts have been tested and installed in over 70 countries around the world. In addition, thanks to a network of privileged partners, Telenco is in position to make available a full catalogue of safety and protective equipment for field engineers, as well as high quality specific tools for each type of telecom or datacom intervention.


Our design office is composed of experts from different fields and disciplines such as the plastics industry, metallurgy, mechanics, optics, prototyping or product designing. By making an intelligent use of these key skills and promoting the collaborative work between our R&D staff, we foster innovation.

At Telenco, we are constantly enlarging our ranges with new product solutions, specifically developed to meet our customers’ specifications. Moreover, ergonomics, efficiency and scalability are the key criteria in the design of our products.

When developing a new product or optimising an existing range, we leave no place to fluke. Our engineers follow a 5-step rigorous process: Production of technical proposal; Product modelling; Creation of 3D models; Industrial prototyping and pre-production testing followed by industrialisation. To move from one stage to the next, validation of strategic points is required.

To ensure the most reliable and highly performant equipment to our customers, we test our products in our mechanical, electrical and optical laboratories equipped with advanced



Network equipment offered by Telenco UK is manufactured and assembled in our European production units based in France and Portugal. In all our mechanical and optical workshops as well as for the production of our cabling systems, Telenco teams apply the same methods and respect rigorous processes in order to ensure the utmost quality for the offered products.

In the context of a constant and steady growth since 1999, Telenco has always been able to keep up the pace both with the evolutions of the telecommunications industry and the ever increasingly customer demand. To ensure the sustainability of our business, we focus on great responsiveness, agility in planning and quality control for all our products and services.

To meet small, mid-volume or mass orders, Telenco is able to implement a flexible manufacturing system. The company can expand and adapt its production capacity according to the market needs. Indeed, Telenco has already shown a great sense of adaptability in the past by managing, for example, the reorganization of its production activity in a record time. In addition, the company relies on a pool of qualified workers to boost its productivity.



From supply chain management to the production of goods and their final destination, Telenco masters the industrial process. As part of our global approach to meet customer satisfaction, we make every effort to improve inward and outward flow of goods. This includes refining internal systems and implementing efficient digital systems in order to make the most intelligent use of our warehouses, and ultimately to make our products available to customers in the shortest possible time.

Telenco builds strong, long-lasting relationships with its partners. As we strongly believe that quality is the key to future-proof networks, we put quality at the core of our business. Accordingly, we select our stakeholders such as suppliers or carriers based on the quality of the provided services. Moreover, we ensure that we share the same values in order to conduct our business with respect to environment and to people, while also respecting all our commitments to our customers.

As part of the Telenco Group that delivers its telecom solutions in over 70 countries around the world, Telenco UK has the knowledge to deal with all the import-export procedures. This empowers telcos and their subcontractors to gain precious time and have a single point of contact for their orders.



Telenco UK is a proud member of INCA UK. Our membership to this Independent Network Cooperative Association was a voluntary and natural process, driven by our ambition to contribute, at our own level, in building next generation networks via innovation across the United Kingdom’s territory.

Telenco is also part of the FTTH Council, a worldwide reference for the telecommunications industrial players. Our teams are regularly participating in major events bringing together the main telecoms players, holding conferences on telecom issues or exchanging with peers on current topics. By actively engaging in telecom expert networks, we partake in the development of future-proof networks, while also ensuring that we’re at all times up to date with the latest technologies and field challenges.